Agent Portal

OneULink offers educational consultant an opportunity to experience flawless and streamlined office operations, By using our portal/CRM the consultant will be able to manage and control all their branch offices and counsellors working in respective offices. You can manage all your schools/institutions which you represent, define your specific application process, track all your applications and enjoy the flexibility, transparency and control of office operations as never before.

Your education organization conduct in one place.

A built in CRM right on your organization management system. Our education software created specifically for international education organization.

Track courses, visa expiring and health insurance

Follow up students automatically

1. Application Management

2. Client Management

3. Commission Management

New way to manage your international students applications.

Now you don't need fill application for student again and again. The optical pipeline allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your application's strength and preferences, and refocus efforts accordingly.


Start the application/Enrolment

Start the application to apply in college or universities.


Track your application status

Your application structure allows you to track the progress of your applications from start to finish.


Received notification on each step

Text message and email notification on each step so you don't miss any important point.


Add more then one course to an application

Packaged course applications better reflect what the student is actually studying. Fully control where your application is going next.


Attachments to application

Add related documents in the application attached.(assigned team members also can checked.)


Help your student renew their visa

Visa expiration reminders and follows-up on it.


Assign application to your team member

Assign team members to your application process for easy collaboration. Assign application tasks to your team members and assign application responsibilities to move the the applications faster through your structure.


Application record/timeline

Never forget when a breakthrough was reached, when a task completed with OneULink's application timeline.