Most advanced RPA system for

Education Agency

We are focusing on the automatic process for education agency

With the help of automation, we can get more time to think and help clients to solve real problem.

Link everything together to Improve Efficiency

Guarantee that we can save 70% of your daily work time without any cost increase.

File organisation in an easy way. No more hand type documents, system can read CoE and Visa files.

Free using of school database.

For agent portal

1. Application Management

Claim your commission straight away at anytime, and you won't miss any commission with the text message and email notification. View your commission statement that we have already automatically calculated for you!

2. Client Management

3. Staff Management

4. Sub-Agent Management


Having trouble with course management? With OneULink you can manage all courses easily. The intake time, duration, tuition fees, course overview and unit list, and even more. All this information can also help you with issuing an offer letter.


Review student’s application and issue an offer letter in just 15 minutes by using OneULink! The whole process is paperless and you can track the process at any time. It's as simple as issuing an offer letter when you need to issue a COE.


When you're cooperate with multiple agencies, you will find it hard to manage the agent agreements and agent documents, but One U Link can help you solve the problem. All agent data will be store in the system, and you can also review the application that agency companies submitted.


You can find all your payment details, manage the commission rate that you offer to every agent, the commission status, and also all your payment remittance will be store in the system.

We are here to help

The needs each enterprise are unique. OneULink term understands ecerthings about the internaitonal education agent and the challenges of operating and education institution. We provide the most easy soft ware for international Education institution of all sized and commission management.

Free training support

We can provide permanent and free training support until customers are familiar with the OneULink system so that you can experience the value of our system.

Free consult service

If needed by the intermediary, we can provide consultant service for free to help the agent handle student cases. OneULink is committed to helping intermediaries overcome difficulties.

Free data migration service

If the intermediary has less than 50 students, we will provide free data migration services. If this amount is exceeded, we will charge a certain fee.

Free system repair/update

We will always help the intermediary to fix any bugs in the system, and constantly try to innovate, so that the intermediary has a stronger use experience. If there is any feedback, please tell OneULink term, we will try to improve.

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